Grandstand Finishing Services


From services such as apparel rolling, banding and tagging, to glassware gift boxes and much more, finished products from Grandstand arrive retail-ready, no extra steps required. They carry a higher perceived value, which can add to your bottom line, and make creating an appealing retail space quick and easy to do, which improves your customer's experience too. All Finishing services are customizable, providing an additional opportunity for branding and to get your name seen.

Rolled and banded t-shirts stay near wrinkle-free from the time they leave our facility to when they arrive in your customers’ hands. They take up less space than folded or hanging shirts, and make displaying them a breeze. Glassware packaging and custom kits make gift buying a quick and easy experience and can increase sell-through, especially during the holidays.

Our Finishing services take out all the hard work. Save time, space and resources, while enhancing the end user experience and adding value to your merchandise line.

Get started with Finishing Services today. Click here to view all packaging.

Finishing Services

  • Apparel Rolling and Banding
  • Product Tagging and Bagging
  • Standard or Custom Glassware Packaging Options
  • Merchandise Arrives Retail-Ready
  • Packaged Products Carry a Higher Perceived Value
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