Digital Emboss

Decoration You Can Feel!

Digital Embossed glassware creates decoration that you can feel. This new technique allows for the premium look and, more importantly, FEEL of custom molded glassware without the cost and quantities of traditional embossing. With minimums as low as 48pcs, a wide range of clear and full color options and superior durability the future of glassware decoration has arrived at Grandstand.

Decoration Options

clear embossclear emboss

Clear Embossing

Transparent lettering or designs.

color embossingcolor embossing

Color Embossing

Semi-transparent lettering or designs.*
*subject to select colors

digital embossdigital emboss

Digital Embossing

High resolution full color lettering or design.

accent embossaccent emboss

Accent Embossing

Select elements of the design are raised to highlight key features.

Digital Emboss Glassware

Preparing Your Design

select your artworkselect your artwork

1. Select Your Artwork

Logos, lettering and images can all be digitally embossed.

decide on heightdecide on height

2. Decide What to Emboss

Note which elements are to be raised above the surface of the glass.

clear or full colorclear or full color

3. Clear or Full Color

Designate which elements are to be transparent or full color if mixing and matching.


4. Measure

Determine your total image height; make sure to select the appropriate options if your image is over 2.7”

digital embossing pintdigital embossing pint
digital embossing distillingdigital embossing distilling
digital embossing rocksdigital embossing rocks
digital embossing beerdigital embossing beer

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