Add a popular premium brand to your merch lineup.

For over 30 years, Grandstand and CamelBak have shared an independent, but common goal to bring the best drinkware to the market. Now we’ve partnered to offer a premium line of custom decorated stainless steel drinkware to the craft beverage industry.

CamelBak Products

CamelBak is a world leader in hydration solutions. From the original hydration packs to innovative drinkware products, CamelBak has become a household name.

Like your craft beverage, our new line of CamelBak stainless steel drinkware creates a memorable experience – one that your customers can see, touch and feel long after they've left the taproom.

Premium Retail

Set your brand apart with retail merch that commands a higher value.

Outdoors and OTG

Goes anywhere glass can't and takes your logo along for the ride.


Innovative design meets feel-good materials that keep your craft at the right temperature.


Choosing reusable stainless steel bottles over single-use cups and bottles is becoming part of our everyday lives. Hot, or cold, there's a bottle for everyone.

CamelBak collection lidCamelBak collection lid

3-position slider for flow control

Partially made from renewable resources

CamelBak collection anti-slip padsCamelBak collection anti-slip pads

Silicone anti-slip pads

Soft landing on all surfaces

CamelBak collection powder coat finishCamelBak collection powder coat finish

Full powder coat finish

Taste your drink, not your cup

Dishwasher safe

CamelBak collection wine tumblerCamelBak collection wine tumbler

Wine tumbler optimized "swirl bowl" shape

Releases aroma from your wine

CamelBak grower tumblerCamelBak grower tumbler
CamelBak wine bottle tumblerCamelBak wine bottle tumbler
10 oz. CamelBak rocks tumbler10 oz. CamelBak rocks tumbler
CamelBak coffee bottle mugCamelBak coffee bottle mug

What Sets This Collection Apart

For the Love of Craft

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