annual planning checklistannual planning checklist

Your Annual Checklist

annual planning checklistannual planning checklist

Your Annual Checklist

Planning = Profit

Let us help with you with Annual Planning Today!

Planning is an essential part of running a successful business and it can have a significant impact on profitability. Start the New Year off right! Contact our team today to help identify key sales periods such as Anniversaries, Holidays, Festivals or New Releases. Partnering together to have the right product at the right time will increase profit. Share your goals, potential challenges, and opportunities with our team to plan a successful annual strategy.

On our new website, finding the right product for your event has never been easier. From drinkware to trending apparel, promotional products to creative services, we keep all your branding under one roof- making your job easier!

With over thirty-years of experience working with craft beverage businesses, we are more than just a printing company. We know what works and want to guide you through it! Contact us today get your planning started!

Innovative Event Ideas

Boost midweek business, attract a more diverse audience, and promote your brand culture through education, entertainment, and community-building events.

  • Yoga with kittens, goats, or just other humans.
  • Themed trivia nights - anything from TV shows, sports, the 80s or one about your hometown.
  • Board game nights or video game tournaments.
  • A Keep-The-Glass series. Collaborate with local artists and double the “local” appeal.
  • Holiday or National “Day” celebrations. Party holidays like Mardi Gras are sure winners and there’s tons of beer-centric social media holidays.
  • Beer dinners, Meet the Brewer events, Girls Pint Out nights or other social groups.

Upgrades and Expansions

Remodeling your tap room? Opening a new location? Refreshing your branding? Here’s what will help make an easier transition:

  • Refine your retail space. Allow it to be conspicuous, accessible, and user-friendly. Simply improving your retail display can really move the needle on merch sales.
  • Build the merch line for your new location or refresh your existing merch line. Check out our Retail Strategy Guide for tips on how.
  • Launch your updated branding with new branded gear that helps build a buzz and entices your guests.
  • Add efficiency to your orders with quantity recommendations and ordering schedules.


If you need help bringing your ideas to life or looking for ways to improve your merch line and increase retail sales, Grandstand Creative can help.

  • Get retail and merchandising consulting to build your brand to boost retail sales.
  • Create limited edition collector’s glasses for holidays, events, or special beer releases.
  • Scale your brand with uniquely designed merchandise, so your branding and retail merch complement each other.
  • Develop new packaging, event branding or digital media to up your marketing game!

Let us help make your year a successful one.

Let us help make your year a successful one.
Contact Us Today!

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