Signature Glass Design

A powerful way to set your brand apart and captivate fans.

Custom designed and exclusive to your brand, a Signature Glass is a powerfully effective way to set your brand apart and captivate fans. Branded glasses are proven by research to elicit higher emotional engagement and to improve the consumer experience, and Signature Glasses take that to the maximum. Sell more glassware, get higher social media engagement and increase customer loyalty with your own Signature Glass.

8th Wonder

8th Wonder signature glass 018th Wonder signature glass 01
8th Wonder signature glass 028th Wonder signature glass 02
8th Wonder signature glass 038th Wonder signature glass 03
8th Wonder signature glass 048th Wonder signature glass 04

“When we first learned about the Signature Glass program, we knew we wanted to create something unique to 8th Wonder, something totally different. We quickly learned there were quite a bit of customizable options, and it was great working with Grandstand and having them guide us along the way. It was definitely cool to incorporate the “8” thumbprint and Astrodome-inspired foot, but also to show another side of our brand and of the 8th Wonder beer experience. It’s been getting a lot of traction, our guests definitely gravitate toward this glass. We’re really pleased and very excited to be the first Texas brand to introduce a Signature Glass.”

— Ryan Soroka, 8th Wonder President and Co-Founder


Smokestack Glass

Boulevard Brewing signature glass 01Boulevard Brewing signature glass 01
Boulevard Brewing signature glass 02Boulevard Brewing signature glass 02
Boulevard Brewing signature glass 03Boulevard Brewing signature glass 03
Boulevard Brewing signature glass 04Boulevard Brewing signature glass 04
Boulevard Brewing signature glass 05Boulevard Brewing signature glass 05

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

— Benjamin Franklin

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