Why Grandstand

You’re more than a product - you’re a brand. We’re more than a vendor - we’re a partner.

At Grandstand we partner with you to provide quality products and creative branding that connect your passion and art to your customers. The level of integrity that we hold ourselves to is evident in every Grandstand product that leaves our facility. When your brand is on our line, we put our reputation right beside it.

Since 1988, Grandstand has ensured that your brand is compelling, credible, consistent, and connected. We bring the full weight of our experience and expertise to showcase your business. It’s what we’ve done for over 17,000 craft breweries, distilleries, restaurants, corporations and businesses – small and large. Give your brand the attention it deserves – every time.

Our Services

Glassware + Apparel + Promotional + Creative Services

Our expertise in the branded products industry means you get fresh ideas, product trends and a printing partner that is passionate about your story and knows what growing businesses need - at every stage of growth.


Grandstand Quality and Service

Our customer support team ensures that you get personal attention, a fast response and quality at every step. Our art department, screen technicians, production leads, press operators, and quality control coordinators ensure you get a perfect finished product. We verify your project several times - before it hits our four-step quality control process. Your brand is caressed more than a puppy on its first day home.


Honest Passion

Every business has a special story and we’re honestly driven to help tell yours through your branded products. We show up and own up. We provide you with printed products that rally fans from taprooms to boardrooms, and we make sure that whatever leaves our warehouse lives up to your standards. We’ll come see you, or invite you to come see us and visit our facilities. We support guilds, donate to a variety of local and national charitable events and award two brewer scholarships each year. We even have our own in-house home brew club, Project 88. We walk the walk.


Innovative and Creative Solutions

Whether you want to find new trends in your industry, need full brand creative services, or want a specific glass no one else has, our teams go to work for you. Grandstand fosters a culture of inclusion and innovation - and we love a challenge. We come across situations and customer requests each day that seem impossible. Our team of Research and Design specialists thrive on using their skills to deliver solutions to unique challenges, every time.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Grandstand is literally 100 percent integral to our business. Our taproom wouldn’t be what it is without that glassware.”
“With Grandstand, there’s someone on the other side who is actually listening.”
“When do they go above and beyond? I feel like all the time. I’m impressed with their flexibility, their process, their quality control.”
“They give a d*#n about what we do. With these guys, they’re going to take care of me.”

Get the Service, Quality, Passion and Expertise you and your brand deserve.