Top 6 Tips for Your New Order

These simple tips will help ensure your first order with Grandstand is successful.


Do Not Refuse Your Shipment

  • Immediately inspect your shipment for visible damage
  • If damage exists, take clear photos and note damage on delivery receipt
  • Freight claims must be submitted within 24 hrs
  • Visit our FAQ page for additional information


  • Immediately remove and separate apparel to avoid the transfer of ink between items (dye migration)
  • Ensure quantity and art accuracy of merchandise
  • Contact your Account Manager within 24 hrs on any order discrepancies


Wash Your New Drinkware

  • Always wash your new drinkware before serving beverages out of it
  • Nucleation and Laser Etching result in small glassware particles – washing these products is required


Full Color Organic, UV And Precious Metal Decoration Require Care

  • Full Color Organic and UV decoration are not intended for service ware
  • Hand wash only
  • If a dishwasher is used, allow the glassware to fully cool and before wiping with a towel
  • Never place drinkware with precious metal decoration in a dishwasher or microwave


  • Set up your apparel for success!
  • Display your apparel by hanging your retail space or handing out to your staff to display the new merch
  • Contact your Account Manager for additional ways to grow your Retail Merch

Smart Ways To Upgrade Your Apparel

From rolling and banding, to tagging, bagging and kitting, our Finishing Services save you tons of time and effort, add value to your products, and are customizable to fit your brand.

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