Earth Brands

Earth Brands: Eco Friendly Cups!

  • 100% Recyclable PET

  • Compostable PLA (Breaks down in 90 days!)

An Exclusive Grandstand Partnership

Keep your beverages in your fans’ hands with custom printed cups. Better yet: drive brand awareness and limit your environmental impact with recyclable or compostable cups. Don’t forget the lids (sold separately)!

Earth Brands Compostable Cups

Earth Brands Recyclable Cups

Compostable PLA Cups

Custom printed, compostable cups made from renewable PLA (plant-based) resin. Available in 2 location or wrap printing and up to 8 colors! Plus, Earth Brands ship in insulated sleeves to prevent deformation in high temperatures that can occur with PLA resin.

*PLA should be stored below 105 degrees and away from direct sunlight to prevent deformation

Recyclable PET Cups

Recyclable PET cups by Earth Brands offer the classic performance PET cups and are 100% recyclable via traditional recycling streams. Earth Brands is a Net Zero emissions manufacturer and their process uses less water and emits about ½ of the CO2 emissions than other manufacturers. Rush options are available, 2 location and wrap printing capable up to 8 colors.



  • Why we love: A recyclable alternative to single use cups that emits less CO2 during production then other PET options
  • Recyclable: Yes, widely
  • Compostable: No
  • Can be mixed with other recyclables: Yes
  • Closed loop options: Yes, through Earth Brands
  • Storage: No special storage required
  • Print Locations: Up to 2 or full wrap
  • Print colors: Up to 8
  • MOQ: 5,000


  • Why We love: A compostable option for single use cups, corn based PLA breaks down in 90 days via industrial facility or 210 days in landfill
  • Recyclable: No
  • Compostable: Yes
  • Can be mixed with other recyclables: No, ask about a special collection bin
  • Closed loop options: Yes, through Earth Brands
  • Storage: Store below 105 degrees out of direct sunlight*
  • Print Locations: Up to 2 or full wrap
  • Print colors: Up to 8
  • MOQ: 5,000

*PLA Earth Brand cups ship in insulated sleeves to help avoid deformation

What Sets This Collection Apart

CamelBak collection lidCamelBak collection lid

3-position slider for flow control

Partially made from renewable resources

CamelBak collection anti-slip padsCamelBak collection anti-slip pads

Silicone anti-slip pads

Soft landing on all surfaces

CamelBak collection powder coat finishCamelBak collection powder coat finish

Full powder coat finish

Taste your drink, not your cup

Dishwasher safe

CamelBak collection wine tumblerCamelBak collection wine tumbler

Wine tumbler optimized "swirl bowl" shape

Releases aroma from your wine

Drink Sustainably

Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 01Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 01
Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 02Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 02
Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 03Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 03
Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 04Earth Brands Drink Sustainably 04

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