Merchandising Strategy

How easy are you making it for your customers to shop your retail space? No matter your size and space, there are strategic ways to showcase your products, create customer engagement and save your crew valuable time with organization.

Need direction? Check out our Guide to Designing an Effective Merch Strategy.


We are here to offer you solutions to the roadblocks you may be facing. Let us bring your vision to life.

  • Do you need help designing a logo or merch? With 88 Design Group, we can create a logo unique to your brand that will speak to you AND your customers
  • Imagine your logo on t-shirts, cups, or hoodies - with a visual merchandising deck, you can watch your brand come to life


Don’t know what products you want? Our Merchandising team has you covered. We recommend based on brand, audience, region and season so you have the right products at the right place at the right time.

  • From your basic tee to dog toys, we are able to source & supply almost anything you can think of
  • Offering products that keep you on trend and keep customers coming back for more

We want to help you make sure that the next time a customer walks through your door, they don’t leave empty handed!


After 30 years of experience in the craft beverage industry, we have seen our fair share of retail displays and methods. Combining this experience with our passion to help businesses succeed, we are proud to offer custom retail structure fabrication as well as on site merchandising consultations.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the game for years, let us to help you sell your brand!

Would you benefit from a merchandising consultation?

Evaluate your retail space using the questions below...

merchandising strategy specialistmerchandising strategy specialist

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Evaluate Your Space

Are your products fresh for each season and trend?

Is there a good ratio of men's to ladies' products?

Do you have core products?

Is your area organized? Is it staged and displayed well?

Is the area well lit?

Is your retail space breathable and spacious?

Do you practice any retail finishing?

Where Are You?

Don't forget to take advantage of the geographic landscape around you!

Beach, Mountain, Lake or River. Big City or Small Town. Opportunity is everywhere.

No matter the landscape, having these branded items places you at the forefront of your customers' adventures – whether they're regularts or tourists, your brand can become an essential part of a day around town.

Who Are Your Customers?

Your customers have a diverse set of hobbies outside of craft beverages, make sure you are present in other aspects of their lives with specialized retail.

  • Do your customers ride bikes or walk trails?
  • What about favorite sporting teams in your area?
  • Don't forget that pet parents love to spoil their fur babies

Your loyal customers will love repping their favorite local spot while doing their favorite activities!

Looking For Retail Display Structures?

retail display structuresretail display structures


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