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Set your candle business on fire with custom glassware from Grandstand. Whether you choose one or multiple colors for your design, we can help bring your customer-delighting designs to life. If you are looking for different shapes and sizes, ask us – the possibilities are endless!

Popular Candle Products

11 oz. Arc Aristocrat Single Old Fashioned 53224

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13.5 oz. Heavy Base Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glass

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11 oz. Heavy Base Rocks Glass

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8 oz. Libbey Heavy Base Double Old Fashioned 916CD

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3 oz. Arc Votive Candle Holder 36980

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16 oz. Can Glass

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22 oz. Libbey Cylinder Jar 852

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Reno Candle without Handle CF1412

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It Doesn’t Stop at Glassware

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Effective design narrates your brand and product story. Explore your brand’s potential with design services from 88 Design Group.


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Smart Ways to Upgrade your Candle Products

Upgrade your candles with our custom design services. Check out our Full Color Organic printing service to enhance the retail value of your candles.

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