kolsch family glassware

With flavors of malt and faint fruity sweetness and a low bitterness profile, Kölsch beer is made for hot days. Thus, their time has arrived! And, the first Thursday of August is International IPA Day! The hot, dog days of summer are some of the best for beer. Celebrate these warm-weather beers with the perfect glassware, and make that glassware your own with your partners at Grandstand.

Kölsch season is heating up!

The iconic Rastal .2L Kölsch glass is back in stock, and so is the .3L. We’re ready to help you make them yours. The .2l Kolsh is available for screen print and the .3L is now screen print and full color digital ready,and don’t forget you can celebrate the season by upgrading your printed glassware with banding, nucleation, and more. You name it, we can do it!

Want to go the extra mile? Don’t forget traditional Kölsch “wreaths” – We now feature the USA made, 8 slot Stange holder (stick glass style) that is available in as little as 10 days after confirmation. These handmade, real wood, holders come custom engraved with your brand – for the full, authentic Kölsch experience. Check them out now!


International IPA Day

Late summer’s beery awesomeness continues with International IPA Day, which is typically celebrated on the first Thursday in August. This year, that’s August 3. 

Let’s get real: Every day is IPA day, but you can make a mark by celebrating this one day with a custom glass or other branded merch in support of a new release or other milestone.

Rastal’s Craft Master One and Craft Master Two make a great choice. Their shapes are explicitly made to capture and enhance the various notes and aromas you’ve worked so hard to produce. 

If you’re not sold on these, be sure to browse the Rastal Craft Master Grand Family, an exclusive glassware line that was designed by Grandstand to blend both form and function. The line includes an eye-catching taster, too!

If you’re unsure, go Belgian

If the options above aren’t speaking to you, it’s hard to not love Libbey’s 13 oz. Belgian glass. This tulip-style option complements a beer’s flavor profile by enabling more beery aroma. And, customers love the look and feel. As with any of our glasses, the decoration options are nearly endless.


Get those orders in!

August is closer than you think! Take advantage of the season by partnering with your friends at Grandstand to create something truly special.