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Decoration Methods


The traditional and most common process for apparel printing, Plastisol utilizes inks made from PVC particles. They lay on top of the fabric and bond with the fibers, resulting in a flexible, solid layer of decoration. These inks can achieve vibrant colors as well as both high opacity and transparency. Plastisol prints result in a medium hand feel — the greater the opacity, the greater the hand. In order to color match, we require a physical sample in-house.

Soft Hand

Our own exclusive method, Soft Hand printing is a hybrid Water Based Discharge and Plastisol process that utilizes Plasticharge inks. It achieves prints with a soft, low hand feel that are incredibly lightweight, flexible and breathable after being washed. These inks soak into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it, essentially making the print look and feel like it’s part of the shirt. This method is eco-friendly and phthalate free.


Chino inks are softened Plastisol inks that provide a softer hand than traditional Plastisol inks, but result in more muted, less vibrant colors, especially on darker garments. It is a great choice for achieving a softer hand feel on garments that don’t work well with Soft Hand printing, though they are limited to a distressed, vintage-style finish. In order to color match, we require a physical sample in-house.


Keep Things Fresh

A changing, seasonal strategy provides your customers and fans new reasons to buy. People love to buy something they don’t already have.

  • Apparel colors change by season, as do styles.
  • See what’s hot by following your favorite brands and retailers on social media and then follow suit.
  • Offer new designs other than your basic logo tee. Perhaps you feature a seasonal or flagship beer.

Create Awareness

Suggestive selling works!

  • Having your staff wear the same apparel that’s for sale places the items front and center for your patrons.
  • Table tents promoting your gear are constant reminders during the length of stay. And don’t forget – remind customers that they can buy your drinkware for at-home use.
  • Make the merch easy to access! Customer interaction with the merch increases sell-through. Merch displays allow for your brand to be on full display – literally.

Goes Well With...

Drink pairings on a menu are a great way to let your customers know what works well together – why not your merch?

  • Bundles increase transaction values. When pairing a glass with your to-go beverage, the total transaction may go from $10 to $16.
  • T-shirts and hats are great for bundling too. Plus, putting a wearable item into the hands of your fans turns them into walking billboards for your business.
  • Looking for more ideas? Don’t miss out on our Retail Merchandising Guide.

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