Treat Your Team This Holiday Season

Treat Your Team This Holiday Season

These words pair well with: Alchemy Coffee Stout, Martin City Brewing Company

So, you’re not into ugly sweaters or white elephant gifts. We get that. The cheesiness that typically follows the holiday season isn’t for everyone. You like your presents to be cherished and practical, not hidden away collecting dust by New Years. For those who are looking to stock their shelves with things that people actually want to receive as gifts, we have a curated list of Products To Consider. These items are a favorite among customers for their high retail value, practicality and good looks.

Baby, it’s cold outside, but your employees don’t have to be. In case you missed the winter memo, t-shirts are out, lumberjacks are in. You read that right; flannels are all the rage. The Burnside Snap Front Flannel is a popular choice for cozy warm softness. Trust us, your employees will thank you. As for those who work in the elements, the Dri Duck Cheyenne Canvas Work Jacket is essential. It’s heavyweight and durable, and great for mid-afternoon snowball fight…er- work. It's great for mid-afternoon hard work. If that isn’t enough reason to get you into the holiday spirit, apparel ships free in the contiguous U.S. always.

For the love of all that is coffee, the 16 oz. FiftyFifty Tumbler is a necessity for your eco-conscious patrons. FiftyFifty’s stainless steel products come in a variety of colors and styles for all your customers, even that one who likes decaf. Take it a step further and incentivize your merch line by offering a discount to those who refill their new branded tumbler and save yourself a buck on disposable cups. Save the sea turtles, save the world!

Back to classic. For those who don’t like to stray from tradition, Grandstand’s new signature glass might make you consider ditching your pint. The Rastal Lawrence Tumbler - named as a nod to our beautiful hometown, is effortlessly classy. This unique glass can stand alone or be packaged together and sold as a set. It’s a beautiful glass for the craft beer snob in all of us. For an extra fancy flair, we recommend a metallic finish or satin etch. They’re so elegant, they will be a part of the “good” china you’re only allowed to use at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no better time to swap out the t-shirts for hoodies and jackets, your plastic tumblers for stainless steel, and your everyday pint for a beautiful new favorite. Bring in new additions to your merch line for an elevated look and a higher retail value. We are talking cold hard cash money, honey. While you are stocking, up don’t forget to throw in a few extra for your employees - they deserve it for working those long holiday hours. In exchange for receiving free gear, they will become walking billboards for your brand…just don’t tell them that. What are you waiting for? Order now to beat out the competition and take advantage of the holiday shopping early birds.