The Pint's Not Dead

The Pint

These words pair well with: 1982 Amber Ale, Yakima Craft Brewing Company

The pint isn’t dead. Keep the Pint Nights (or Steal the Pint Nights, depending on your preference) are a rising trend in the craft beer industry. Breweries are using this classic glass to build relationships with their customers, create incentives and to spread brand awareness. Giving away a pint is an excellent way to drive traffic into your brewery or taproom during the cold, dreary months after the holidays or to celebrate #FlagshipFebruary. After a couple of weeks of fighting the ridiculously long lines at every store and forced smiles with the in-laws, people need a little extra nudge to leave their homes — and there’s nothing like a cold beer from the tap and the promise of a free glass to lure them back into society.

By hosting a Keep the Pint Night you’re not just giving your customers a free glass, you are giving them a little piece of your brand to take home. A small, functional reminder of your business in the homes of your supporters. Here are three reasons why the Pint will always be the king of Keep the Pint Night.

1. The pint is a classic. A time honored tradition. Old faithful. The go-to glass for craft beer enthusiasts, cider admirers and cold brew coffee connoisseurs. If you forget to do the dishes as we often do, it works just fine for wine too. This is a safe space. We don’t judge. You and your customers can use the glasses for just about anything.

2. From lip to base, inside and out. The pint can do just about anything you can think up — precious metal halos, Full Color Organic printing and custom nucleation. Thanks to Full Color Organic printing you can achieve a vibrant, multi-colored, highly detailed full wrap design on the biggest print area of nearly any glass. The pint is your craft beer billboard, get creative. For a little extra flair, customize your own nucleation design to give your patrons the best sensory experience possible while having something cool to look at while they chug, chug, chug.

3. There is a reason it’s called Keep the Pint Night and not Keep the Fancy Glassware We Keep In The Back Night. First of all, it doesn’t have the same ring to it. Second, the pint is affordable. Breweries are taking advantage of the pint’s low cost to print smaller quantities of one-of-a-kind designs for giveaways, special events or to celebrate the release of a new brew. Save money by charging a little extra on the first pour and your glasses will pay for themselves. You save money and your patrons will enjoy taking their glass home.