Grandstand + Rastal

Grandstand + Rastal

These words pair well with: Partner Ships Red IPA, Heavy Seas & Maine Beer Company

For the last 30 years, Grandstand has been dedicated to providing superior service and quality products to our customers, which is why we only partner with companies who share our same values and standards for excellence. Grandstand has been the exclusive North American partner to Rastal since 2017. Rastal is a world-renowned German glassware design house that is known for world-class designs like the fan-favorite Teku and the Grandstand exclusive Craft Master Grand.

What does the Grandstand + Rastal partnership mean to you? We’re glad you asked! It means access to top of the line exclusive glassware designs and Grandstand’s quality printing. Oh yes, we do mean exclusive, as in you can only get them at Grandstand. Exclusive glassware designs, innovative printing methods, and top tier customer service, all through one super cool place (it’s us, we are the super cool place). How many times are we going to mention “exclusive” in this blog? We will get back to you on that.*

If Grandstand had a favorite child (off the record of course), it would be the Craft Master Grand (CMG) — 16 ounces of pure class. A step up from the everyday pint glass, the CMG is the OG of Grandstand’s exclusive glassware line that was designed in collaboration with Rastal. It boasts a double print area and nucleation capabilities, it's stackable, and has curves that go on for days. The Craft Master Grand is for those who are looking to give their customers a next level drinking experience. Sensory enhancing and stackable, it’s one of the most versatile craft beer glasses in the market.

Also, on a shelf near you: The Craft Master One, The Craft Master Two, The Craft Master One Taster, The Craft Master Bowl and if you can’t tell, we’ve mastered the craft of glassware naming.

The newest member of our exclusive lineup is the Lawrence Tumbler. Named after our beautiful hometown, Lawrence, Kansas [insert terrible Wizard Of Oz joke here]. This tumbler was made to fit comfortably in your drinking hand. Craft beer, cider, wine, spirits — you name, it — the Lawrence Tumbler is perfect for it.

Let’s recap. Grandstand + Rastal = Super exclusive cool things for you and your fans. We partner with the best to give you the best. If that isn’t enough reason to be excited, keep your eyes peeled because coming soon: brand new exclusive glasses we’re not allowed to talk about yet. Well, we don’t know what else to say. We can’t talk about it. But we can tell you this; nothing will ‘stack’ up to this grand ‘tasting’ experience. Not a clever enough pun? Wait until you see the name!

*Times we have mentioned "exclusive" in this blog: 11