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Professional decals are a great way to capture high detail, high color count graphics, simulated or four-color process on your glassware. If your design requires more colors than can be direct printed on a glass, our professional decal printing process is an excellent option.


• Include more colors 
• Great for highly detailed, complex art
• Durable, vibrant ceramic enamel inks
• Often can use same prints on a variety of glassware

The Process
Not a ‘sticker’, our professional decal application begins with your artwork professionally printed on special water slide transfer paper. Colors are printed one at a time, using durable ceramic inks. The prints are allowed to dry for a few hours, so the entire print process can take upwards of a week or more, depending on the number of colors in your image. The artwork print is then hand-applied to the glass by one of our skilled decal applicators, and fired at a temperature of 1160 Fahrenheit. The result is a richly detailed, vibrant print on your glassware. The prints are also extremely durable.

Ready to Go
If you have multi-color flagship logos that you use with regularity, a decal is often the best route, for both cost and timing.  We often print a 3-4 month supply of logos for customers, inventory them and have them ready to go.  When you need an order of glasses, we just need to apply and fire them.  This saves print time for the decal process, and saves you from incurring multiple setup charges.

When purchasing multi-color decals, we offer two options:

OPTION ONE: Decal Program
This is ideal for prints that you will use on a continuous basis, such as your logo’d glassware.  Our Decal Program allows you to purchase higher quantity inventory up front to save on per-piece finished cost. The more decals you buy at once, the lower the cost is to you. We print the entire run of decals ordered, and inventory them for your use over several orders. 

This option will save you money in two ways: first on the cost of each decal, and second on the cost per color in setup fees. This option does require payment up front for the cost of each decal, even those put into inventory. 

OPTION TWO: Purchase Only What You Need
If you have a one-time event, or do not want to hold inventory on your professional decals, this is the way to go. Your finished cost will run a bit higher than with the Decal Program, but we will only print and charge you for what you need right now. 


Examples of Pricing for Decal Options:

Decal Program

Glass X

6-Color Set Up Fees

1008 Decals

Total Cost per Glass





Purchase Only What you Need

Glass X

6-Color Set Up Fees

288 Decals

Total Cost per Glass







Though there are higher up-front costs, in the long run, professional decals save you money per piece when used regularly. To learn more, contact us at or call us at 800.767.8951.