Signature Glass Design

Signature Glass Design Program

Glassware As Unique As Your Beverage

Imagine What We Can Do Together

Our Signature Glass Design program is your pathway to a one-of-a-kind glass. We partner with renowned glassware designers Rastal, and with food and beverage sensory scientists Döhler to create the perfect shape of drinking glass that highlights the unique characteristics of your beverage. There's no better way to deliver your finest beverage than in custom designed signature glassware.

1. Creative Discovery

The first step is to explore your brand, your beverage and your expectations, and where we all get to know each other. We make sure the process is simple for you, and outline the steps we'll guide you through as your signature glass comes to life.

2. Multi-Sensory Analysis

In exclusive cooperation with our partners Rastal and Döhler, the appearance, aromas, flavors and mouthfeel of your beverage are identified and analyzed. This scientific approach, called Multi-Sensory Revolution, is the only one of its kind in the world.

3. Concept Development

The results of this test are used to determine the shape, style, capacity and other sensory features that reflect your specific beverage, in a way that harmoniously balances your brand’s design. Concepts are developed and presented along with a creative brief describing the techniques employed and results they achieve.

4. Prototype Creation

After the creative brief has been reviewed and the selected concept has been fine-tuned, an acrylic prototype or 3D printed rapid prototype is created for testing and final review.

5. Mold Construction

Upon approval of the prototype, production proofs are made. And with final authorization, a mold is created.

6. Glass Production

The sensory analysis of your beverage and the resulting concept now become a reality — your one-of-a-kind glass is produced.

7. Glass Decoration

The final touches are added to the signature glass. Add your branding and other decoration elements, and make your signature glass as unique as its contents.

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