Craft Master Grand

The New Classic American Beer Glass

Craft Master Grand — Available Exclusively at Grandstand

You need a 16 ounce serving glass. Bar space is at a premium, so it should be stackable. Durability and quality are musts, but sensory enhancement is key. Does a glass exist that’s stylish and refining, but also stands up to repeated use?

Meet the Craft Master Grand.

Co-designed by Grandstand and our exclusive partner Rastal, it’s the signature glass designed specifically for your craft. Versatile enough for a variety of beer styles, cider, coffee and more, its wide bowl and tapered lip releases aromas and directs its contents onto the proper location on the palate for an enhanced sensory experience. Made of brilliantly clear, superior quality Rastal glass, it features a heavy base that ensures stability, durability and proper balance on your bar top or serving tray. Its innovative stacking shelf allows the weight of stacked glasses to rest on the shelf and not on the lip, helping to prevent chipping and sticking. And with its 16 ounce capacity, this one-of-a-kind glass raises the bar for the standard pint pour. Its unique and stylish design provides numerous opportunities for customization, making the Craft Master Grand the perfect brand ambassador.

The Craft Master Grand — Because your craft deserves the royal treatment.

Your Brand Ambassador

  • 16 ounces brimful
  • Precious metal halo available
  • Stackable
  • Large primary print area
  • Secondary print area for
         additional branding
  • Custom nucleation

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