Ugly Sweaters

Create a gift-giving sensation for your fans.

Snowflakes, string lights, reindeer and red bows — everybody loves Ugly Sweaters! Great for parties or as a limited edition retail item, they're the perfect way to have some fun with your brand. Put your ugly sweater design on a shirt, promo gear like our ugly sweater ornaments or coolies, and you’ve got a playfully tacky, limited edition holiday gift set — made even cooler with custom Packaging.

No time to design your own Ugly Sweater? Use on of our Ugly Sweater Design Templates and let us add your branding for fast and easy custimaization. Don’t forget, Ugly Sweater Day is December 17!




Ugly Sweater Creative Templates

Designing your very own ugly sweaters couldn’t be easier!
Choose one of our pre-designed templates and add your branding for fast and easy customization.
Got something special in mind? Hit up 88 Design Group and let them bring your idea to life.

Ugly Sweater Template 01

Ugly Sweater Template 02

Ugly Sweater Template 03

Ugly Sweater Template 04

Ugly Sweater Template 05

Ugly Sweater Template 06

Ugly Sweater Template 07

Ugly Sweater Template 08

Ugly Sweater Template 09

Ugly Sweater Template 10

Ugly Sweater Template 11

Ugly Sweater Template 12

Pint and Can Glass Templates

Can Glass Template 01

Can Glass Template 02

Can Glass Template 03

Pint Glass Template 01

Pint Glass Template 02

Pint Glass Template 03

Pint Glass Template 04

Advent Box Templates

Beer Template 01

Beer Template 02

Beer Template 03

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