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Get Super Soft, Eco-Friendly Prints With Water-Based Inks

Better quality prints, better for the earth. Our water-based ink system achieves the same highly detailed and vibrantly colored prints as traditional screenprinting but can also accomplish a softer matte finish, or even the cool distressed look of your favorite vintage tee. Water-based prints are durable and won't crack or peel, and they're incredibly soft and breathable— making them especially good for larger sized prints. After just one wash, the hand (how the print feels to the touch) is so soft, you practically can't even feel it. Best of all, water-based inks are eco-friendly.

Prints So Soft, It's Like They're Part Of The Fabric

Water-based inks soak into the surface of the fabric, instead of sitting on top of it. This creates a more breathable, significantly softer feeling print.

  • Fine print detail
  • PMS color matching available
  • Durable, long lasting prints
  • Soft handfeel
  • Ultra high opacity
  • Brilliant whites
  • Environmentally friendly
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