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New Brewer Scholarship

Congratulations to the 2017 winner of our New Brewer Scholarship, Saint Benedict’s Brew Works!

Saint Benedict's Brew Works opened its doors on the grounds of the Sisters of Saint Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana in October of 2015. The dream-turned-reality of locals Vince Luecke & Andy Hedger, the brewery is the first and only operating commercial brewery on the grounds of a women's monastery in the U.S. It specializes in small batch beers with a monastic twist — some favorites are The Abbess (an Imperial Hefeweizen), Sister Mary Kolsch, Sister Mary Rose (Irish Red) and Raising Lazarus IPA.

Currently, Saint Benedict’s is busy gearing up for their Monastery Beer Festival, happening Sept. 15-17. It will feature more than 100 beers from across Indiana and from other monastic breweries, as well as a monastery-themed meal, tours of the grounds and other live entertainment. Grandstand is excited to help Saint Benedict’s Brew Works commemorate this special event, and to partner with them in their future merchandising and branding endeavors.

Here’s a passage from their application:
“A tradition centuries old lays itself out daily, as craft beers are made in small batches and served in the taproom, all within view of the Sisters’ beautiful Romanesque church… Ferdinand is a deeply German community and our brewery has fit in well. The sisters share stories about beer and the community. One sister tells the story of how [years ago] family members used to send a young boy to the [previous local] brewery for a pail of locally made beer. He would go to the Sisters’ bakery, where he would deliver the beer in a wooden pail. They’d repay him with kuchen, German coffee cakes."

Stay tuned to see the results as we partner with Saint Benedict's on their branding package.

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