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Full Color Organic

Grandstand Full Color Organic Printing

More Colors, More Capabilities

Bring Your Branding To New Heights with Full Color Organic Printing

Full Color Organic print technology makes limited colors and print areas a thing of the past. This method achieves a high level of detail on full color prints, and is scalable and infinitely repeatable. Eco-friendly organic inks can be printed up to the lip and down to the base on some glass styles, greatly expanding print areas. Full color, full wrap prints can be achieved on many glass styles, even complex shapes like the Teku.

Bold, full color prints have a high perceived value. It’s the perfect way to expand your retail line with a variety of vibrant, full color glassware. It's great for small quantity orders, so you can regularly use new artwork for new product releases, a Keep The Glass series, or even to reproduce your beer can designs onto a Can glass.

    Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly inks
  • Multi-color printing on a variety of glass styles
  • Ability to decorate complex glass shapes
  • Advanced print locations
  • Expanded print areas
  • Competitive pricing on full color decorations at any quantity
  • Prop 65 compliant
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